IE Alarm Systems formerly D. C. Electronics Two, Inc. was formed by Utana Del Valle in 1985 with her husband George Del Valle, both possessing over 15 years of experience in the alarm industry. Located in Riverside California, the company was incorporated in 1986. Specializing in security alarm systems, the wife and husband team decided to expand the company’s range of services to include fire alarm systems, camera systems, and access control systems. Now established for over 30 years, we strive to provide prompt and professional customer service. We are dedicated to fulfilling all security and fire protection needs to our commercial customers.


  • Contractors State License C-10, C-7 670389
  • Department of Consumer Affairs ACO4343
  • Underwriter Laboratories Certified S9024
  • Office of Small Business Certified
  • Employees issued Departments of Consumer Affairs ACE Card


  • National Fire Alarm Association
  • Inland Empire Alarm Association
  • California Alarm Association
  • California Automatic Fire Alarm Association
  • Riverside Chamber of Commerce

Our Team

Office Personnel

Richard Jimenez

With over 20 years of experience in the alarm industry, Richard is vastly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of fire and security alarms, camera systems and access control. Joining IE Alarm Systems in 1994 as an Installation Assistant, Richard's hard work lead him to become President of the company in 2010. As President of IE Alarm Systems, Richard oversees the management of the company and its many ongoing projects.

Educated in Business Management and Accounting as well as programming and computers, Richard works alongside the office manager in the management of IE Alarm Systems. Discovering an interest in computers, he decided to go back to school and was educated in computers and programming. Stemming from his training and education, he then became an instructor at a trade school training students in all things computers. Using his knowledge in computers and programming, his leadership skills acquired from being an instructor, and his education in Business Management and Accounting, Richard supervises all projects and programming. With his education, Richard handles all programming, card reader and access control.

To contact Richard, please email him at richard@iealarm.com.

Debbie Swanson
Office Manager/Corporate Officer

In 1986, Debbie joined IE Alarm Systems as an Administrative Assistant and was promoted to Office Manager. Educated in Business Administration and Marketing, she oversees corporate duties, accounting, payroll, review and approval of contracts as well as human resources. Working alongside the President, she supervises the management of IE Alarm Systems.

To contact Debbie, please email her at debbie@iealarm.com.

Kim Forsberg
Business Development Manager

Joining IE Alarm Systems in 2007 as an Administrative Assistant, Kim quickly and proficiently worked her way towards becoming Business Development Manager. Leading the Business Development department, Kim schedules all alarm system installations, creates estimates, oversees customer billing, and sales. Working with the Project Manager, she coordinates all installations from beginning to end.

To contact Kim, please email her at kim@iealarm.com.

Raychel Perez
Service Coordinator

Raychel joined IE Alarm Systems in 2008 as an Administrative Assistant in the Service Department. In 2014, she was promoted to Service Coordinator. As the head of the service department, Raychel coordinates with service technicians to provide our customers the best service possible. In the role of Service Coordinator, Raychel schedules service and inspections, handles service and inspection billing, conducts minor programming, and creates annual inspection reports. She is familiar with DMP and Honeywell products. She also assists both technicians and customers in minor programming as well as remote programming for burglar alarm systems.

To contact Raychel, please email her at raychel@iealarm.com.

Installation Personnel

William Espinoza
Project Manager

William first joined the company in 2005 as an Installation Technician. William was promoted to project manager in 2012. In this role, William leads a team of installation technicians in all aspects of installation jobs, equipment, and scheduling. He works alongside Business Development Manager to ensure project completion and efficiency. He is Fire Life Safety certified and certified in Boom and Scissor lifts.

To contact William, please email him at will@iealarm.com.

Service Personnel

Nate Gutierrez
Service Department

Nate joined IE Alarm Systems in 2008 as an Installation Technician. Relocating to the service department, Nate is a Service Technician. Nate provides services for cameras, fire and burglar alarms, and access control. He specializes in BOSCH, WinPak, DMP, Honeywell, DSC and Silent Knight. He is certified in BOSCH and WinPak products and certified in Boom and Scissor lifts.

To contact Nate, please email him at nate@iealarm.com.


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