Visitors come and go at all hours of the day. Do you have a system in place to grant access when they don’t have pre-established credentials?

Do you have visitors coming in and out of your facility? Do you need help to better manage the process?

An intercom system may be the solution to your needs. Its an extension to your access control system and can help to know your visitors the moment they arrive. It allows you to grant real-time access to customers and guests with optional 2-way voice and/or video integration at your entry systems.

With the right intercom system you’ll be able to view visitors and allow them entrance, control who is coming in and out, connect it to your intrusion security system and even install emergency intercoms in the case of an emergency to alert visitors or customers of the situation and guide them to safety.

IE Alarm Systems can provide your business with the right intercom system for your needs and stay within budget. They system will allow you to secure, communicate between floors and even between buildings.

IE Alarm Systems provides:

  • 1-way communication

  • 2-way communication

  • Easy to use software

  • Video intercoms

  • Wireless intercoms

  • Emergency intercoms

  • Security intercoms

  • Telephone entry

  • And much more!

Possible Installation Locations:

  • Business entrances

  • Pedestrian gates

  • Parking lots/ramps

  • On large facilities

  • Areas at risk

  • And many more!

Start capturing and securing your facility today! Call now to see how IE Alarm Systems can better help secure your facility with ease: call (951) 686-2029. Or, fill out the form below and a security systems expert will contact you as soon as possible:

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