A visitor slips and falls and is claiming injury! Do you have video surveillance? If so, is the event able to be viewed clearly?

It is very common for glare, improper positioning, misused equipment or improper installation to put your company at risk. Capturing everything and providing video for evidence, company records, convictions or proof is a must!

IE Alarm Systems can provide your company with a turnkey video surveillance solution to accommodate your needs, no matter the sized of your facility or budget.

Our security video experts have years of experience to help you facilitate the proper system custom tailored to your company’s unique needs and industry. All equipment used is rigorously tested and calibrated prior to installation ensuring you the best possible solution and backed with our impeccable 24/7 video support.

Our video surveillance solutions include:

  • Fast search capability and freedom from tapes
  • Remotely Access
  • Cloud-based options
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Capable of handling multiple sites and tier remote access
  • Remote live video capture
  • Remote review archived video
  • Encryption, watermarking
  • View one or multiple cameras on one screen
  • Event management to improve emergency response
  • Video verification monitoring to aid in reducing false alarms
  • Improve operational efficiencies and productivity

Start capturing and securing your facility today! Call now to see how IE Alarm Systems can better help secure your facility with ease: Call (951) 686-2029. Or, fill out the form below and a security systems expert will contact you as soon as possible:

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