Are you aware that most theft is done in-house! And is done repeatedly!

When it comes to your company, your assets and everything you’ve worked hard for don’t leave it to chance to find out your staff or employees have been repeatedly taking from the company. Let IE Alarm Systems give you peace-of-mind! Knowing each time you go home your business is protected and in-the-know at all times.

For years IE Alarm Systems has been designing unique security systems for commercial uses according to each specific needs. No two scenarios are ever the same! We’ve helped to eliminate frivolous lawsuits, stop internal theft, reduce shrinkage and detour break-ins before they even happen. We have you covered for any sized location or budget!

Commercial Security Systems can:

  • Eliminate employee or internal theft
  • Record your facility indoors/outdoors
  • Protect your business 24/7 with a advanced intrusion system
  • Provide selective access to your employees and vendors
  • IE Alarm Systems can provide all this and more!

Don’t wait to to have peace-of-mind, Call (951) 686-2029 today to see how IE Alarm Systems can help protect your business and assets from any threat! Or, fill out the form below and a commercial security expert will contact you to listen to your needs.

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